Scholar’s copy of John Milton

marginalia milton001.jpg

Some Account of the Life and Writings of John Milton, derived principally from documents in His Majesty’s State-paper office, now first published. By the Rev. H.J. Todd. London, C. and J. Rivington [etc.] 1826.

This book is notable because of the amount of marginalia, clippings, and manuscript notes about Milton added to the book by the original owner, Reverand W.D. Macray (1826-1916.), distinguished librarian and historian. While not technically extra-illustrated (there are no engravings or other images), the Rev. Macray augmented the book by pasting within its pages slips of paper on which are written facts, impressions, and other notes about Milton that comment on Todd’s text. Examining the book gives us a good idea of how the Rev. Macray conducted research. Macray served the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, as an editor and scholar for most of his life. He was chaplain at several of the colleges at Oxford before becoming rector at Ducklington in Oxfordshire where he served for more than 40 years.

Special Collections’ copy is part of the Lindley Collection. The Francis Haynes Lindley Memorial Collection was donated to Honnold Library by Walter Lindley and F. Haynes Lindley, Jr. in memory of their father, Francis Haynes Lindley.