Carey McWilliams’ War Relocation Authority Records Collection

Sixty volumes of newspapers from Japanese American internment camps, examples pictured below, are among the War Relocation Authority records that were assembled by Carey McWilliams, journalist and defender of the rights of minorities, in research for his book, Prejudice (1944).
Minidoka Map.jpg
map of the Minidoka Relocation Center in Idaho, from the Minidoka Irrigator
Man title.jpg
front page of Vol. 1 Issue 1 of the Manzanar Free Press
The War Relocation Authority Records Collection also comprises reports, opinions, books, periodicals, and correspondence between McWilliams and evacuees also features minutes of the Japanese-American Citizen League National Conference, some copies of “Evacuee Speaks”, and newspaper clippings from all over the U.S. reflecting various shades of public opinion on this controversial aspect of American government policy during World War II.
The Collection can be used for research at Special Collections, Honnold/Mudd Library. The finding aid to the collection is found at the Online Archive of California at