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Our first blog entry honors Dr. James Blaisdell, president emeritus of Pomona College (1910-1928), and founder of the bold experiment in higher education that is The Claremont Colleges. Dr. Blaisdell said, “My own very deep hope is that instead of one great, undifferentiated university, we might have a group of institutions divided into small colleges-somewhat of an Oxford type-around a library and other utilities which they would use in common. In this way I should hope to preserve the inestimable personal values of the small college while securing the facilities of the great university.” (1923)
Several of our rare and special collections were acquired during his tenure in Claremont, gifts from trustees, faculty, and collectors, no doubt due the donors’ regard for Pomona College and their belief in Dr. Blaisdell’s vision for what The Claremont Colleges could be. That makes James Blaisdell our special collections hero!